Our Easter Miracle

April 16, 2017

This is our Easter Miracle: Isabella Grace Holgate. I had to have an emergency c-section on Good Friday and Isabella was born 9:14p on 4/14/17.

Born 2 months early of her due date, Bella weighed 3.3 lbs, 16 in, all her features are perfect, she's breathing on her own, has so much rich black wavy hair, just a gem. We feel so ecstatic and blessed. 

Her birth has given me rebirth. I went in for my regular weekly check-up on Thursday 4/13. There were a few oddities and my OB wanted me to go to the hospital for some extra tests. When I got there, my anxiety and pre-esclampsia sends my blood pressure through the roof, it was 197/120 consistently. A couple of hours later, doctors tell me to be prepared to have my baby 48 hours to 2 weeks from now, I would be on bed rest in the hospital til I gave birth. I'm immediately put on ivy, a foot compressor, blood pressure monitor, magnesium, catheter, EKG...there were like 12 chords on me. 

It was Good Friday afternoon, I knew I would have Isabella this weekend. No matter how much meditating I did, my blood pressure could not be sustained but I was very calm. Friday 8:30P, my OB tells me I'm at the max dose for the day on the blood pressure medicine. I must be induced or have a c-section NOW. It's the only way to cure the pre-esclampsia. It was a life threatening situation. I wanted to talk to my partner about it, in my mind I still had time. When Dr. Walsh said now, she really meant NOW. 

I was wheeled away in 10 minutes. During this time I meditate and talk to Isabella. We often are in a meadow with a river flowing in the back, surrounded be trees, brushes, flowers, birds, butterflies. I tell her its time to go, we can come back here with our meditations if she gets scared. She tells me she's ready and she's not scared. 

When I think about the c-section, it's surreal. It's like a Quentin Tarantino movie, slow  but fast, peaceful and violent at the same time. I'm joking with my partner and the anesthesiologist one side of the curtain, doctors operating on the other side, pushing and pulling. 

When they brought her to me, I started crying. Here's the life I created; she's the only one who knows how my heart beats. There's a rush of emotions, a love like no other. You know you would do anything for this little life forever.

I don't know if its serendipity that Isabella was born on Good Friday, Easter weekend. She's magical and a miracle. In one extreme moment, she cured my pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, and numerous other things timing wise. When I hold her the next day in the NICU, everything is transformed for me: the life I want for our family, priorities, desires, vision. 

Doing the work I do with Chinese Medicine and energy, I know souls pick their parents and the time they are born to do their work. There was nothing that was gonna stop Bella from coming. You gotta let go and let God. There's nothing like God's mercy and grace. You must be willing to understand God's will and how the challenges are for your higher good. God doesn't make mistakes.

Sending your family magic and miracles! 

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