Sacred Space

July 10, 2017

Do you have an area that is your sacred space in your home? This is so important to find peace.

Walk your home and feel into it. Ask, "Where do I feel is the strongest point of energy to renew me NOW? " It can change throughout the year if you are present. Make an alter or place grounding objects that bring you joy. It does not have to be fancy! Just as long as it works for you and you can always add to it.

Currently mine is right outside my back door. This is where I sit to do my morning rituals of mediation, writing my morning pages, clearings, and yoga. Bella lays on the mat as I do yoga. When the pose goes down, I give her a kiss or pick her up where I can. I set it up in the morning and then roll it up when I'm done. I have other sacred space areas that are more permanent. 

When I was couch surfing for 100 days, this was a regular practice to bring in the chi and feel at home. Where you can rest your head and heart, there is peace. With peace you heal, heal others, and consciously create your life.

A great sacred space area in your home is where a positive vortex is located. This is rare though and can be found in a space clearing. It's a great place for meditation.

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