Smile Before They Do

January 04, 2018

My partner was ready for work, dressed in a suit. He looked really sharp but at the same time, he could seem really intimidating. I smiled at him and said, "Have a productive day. Smile before they do." He paused and said "That is really good! This message should be shared." That evening, Chris said that simple act changed the tone of several meetings and directed the flow.

I played with it for the next week and took notice of people's reactions. Sure enough, people opened up more. Every encounter was a higher vibration. 

I noticed how Bella, my 9 month old baby makes people so happy when she greets them with a smile. She always smiles before they do. Everyone comments what a happy baby she is. 

So today I encourage you to make it a practice to smile before they do. It will change your vibration and everyone around you! Every interaction could change someone or you. 

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