Take your kids to get a Chinese Face Reading

November 05, 2017

Bella and I are in California. I took her to my grandma’s burial site to connect with her. Kids born this year may be a little more blessed from their ancestors according to Chinese five elements. They could be blessed with ancestor gifts, talents, inheritance. This could be especially true if they have a large domed forehead. If you had a baby born Feb 4, 2017 to Feb 3, 2018, be sure to have them learn your family lineage on both sides.

At the last Spirit Fair, I did a face reading for an 11 year old. She is a natural born leader and would thrive under performing pressure. I told her this and suggested she take drama/acting at school. She said she started doing it this year and she loves it! We discussed more about how her room needs to be for her to find balance...she took tons of notes. 

Her mom was thrilled when I told her about it. She said she has been working on her daughter and cleaning room. In the old days, kid didn't like going to the face reader. My readings are different because I tell them their super-powers and their potential. I tell them what sensitivities they may have and how to navigate. They love hearing about themselves.

Take your kid to our Spirit Fair for a 20 minute reading on Sundays or schedule a private session. You can do it together or let them have the reading on their own. 

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