September 01, 2018

Every morning I rub Isabella's baby feet and I transfer a lot of energy to her through them. As I was looking at them this morning, I realized many people probably don't know the power of feet. Our feet support us but probably get neglected most. They are our "roots" and where we can get rooted and return to balance. Your feet care can boost, heal and manifest whatever you desire. 

Our feet are our primary means of connecting with the earth, yet they usually remain confined in shoes or sandals. For about a year now, I've been advising "earthing" as much as possible, which is where you have your feet touch the natural earth elements, such as grass, rocks, water, dirt, sand...Mother Gaia knows how to grow, heal, and support everything. This is also the best way to get rid of EMFs, which affects us energetically on so many levels. I believe EMFs is one of the main causes of mental disorders. 

Your feet have soooo many acupressure points for your body. Have you heard about foot reflexology? Give yourself this gift once a month if you are going through any health recovery. Google it.

Foot cleansing also has become a popular stress reliever and beautification ritual. Cleansing the feet of a friend or loved one is a sign of trust, closeness, and openness. Cleansing your own feet can be a relaxing interlude that can help you feel refreshed. Jesus washed his disciples feet as a sign of his love for them.

Ritual foot cleansing has a long and intricate history involving many methods and motivations. It has been used as an initiation, a welcoming gesture, a purification ceremony, and as a means to demonstrate humbleness. Cleansing ceremonies involving the feet are performed in many different parts of the world. In many cases, the meaning of the ritual was twofold. It was a way of cleaning a guest's feet before entering a home and a sign of hospitality. In Buddhism, clean water mixed with sandalwood to clean the feet is one of the eight typical offerings. By cleansing the feet of an enlightened being, it is possible to cleanse one's own karma. 

You can perform a foot washing ritual on yourself or a companion as a ceremonial activity or as a way to unwind. You may want to start by trying a traditional ritual, or you might feel comfortable inventing your own. Try mixing elements like traditional flower infused water with something more modern like a sugar scrub. Take the time to set your intention for the foot washing ritual. Perhaps you would like to cleanse away old energies in your life so you may step freely toward your future. Or, maybe soaking your feet in warm water will help you relax after a long day at work. Add magnesium to it!

Remember to thank your feet for their support. Whether done with pleasure or as an offering, a foot cleansing ritual is a sacred act that honors the divine in you and others.

In my spiritual ninja sessions with energy clearings and face readings I can advise you on feet tools to help you achieve what you are desiring.

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