What happens in a home space clearing

August 06, 2017

It sounds like a lot of non-sense but your home can seriously affect your energy level. Depending on how much emotional trauma you are experiencing, you can leave that energy in the space which affects you and people visiting and future residents of the home.

I often get asked what I clear in a space clearing. Every home is different and the amount of time varies depending on the need of the client, size of the home, and the amount of stuff that is in it. I always check the yin/yang level, negative energy level, geopathic stress, emotional stress, electric magnetic fields, vortexes, and entities, I clear the occupants of the home, including pets! 

Here's one I did today. Owner thought it had entities, but most of the weird stuff was due to interference lines and lots of emotional distress.

Because she is so sensitive to people and space she felt it more. I balanced the lines with the copper sticks and we opened a portal at the round table to send the anomalies and entities to another dimension.

I cleared the beds so the occupants of the home can be renewed sleeping . She was so surprised at the spots I felt distress at. It was almost like a therapy sessions for both of us. In the end I blessed the home and returned it to 60/40 yang/yin so the chi would flow again.

There's so much to a space clearing and each space can be a healing center.

Book a space or personal clearing and feel the shift. A shift in energy is always followed by a shift in reality.

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