What's IN the way IS the way!

September 15, 2017

This week there were lots of obstacles worldwide, one being Hurricane Irma. In comparison to the people experiencing this, my problems were 1st world problems. There just seemed so many things IN the way, mentally, psychically, emotionally. I use to try to "think" myself out of problems, but these days I use my spiritual tools 1st. Its just more fun and magical. Most problems resolve themselves energetically and it flows a lot more easily and I'm not as angry, anxious or worried. 

What really helped me was the spiritual prayer to remove the resistance, blocks, patterns, and conditioning that do not serve me now. I simply asked the highest source for everything from blessings to removal of obstacles. I sent blessings this way to everyone that asked for prayers. Honestly answers just showed up within a few days. Today Mary O'Malley reminded me "what's perceived to be IN the way, IS really the way!"

When I got really frustrated or uncomfortable, instead of turning it off or down, I asked to turn it up all the way. I asked my body what is it trying to tell me. I used the mantra by Dr. Barbara DeAngelis "Today I will see what I'm suppose to see. Today I will feel what I'm suppose to feel. Today I will know what I'm suppose to know." The answers were IN the problem if I would follow it with curiosity. It is miraculous! As Marianne Williamson teaches in Return to Love, a miracle is really a shift in perception. May miracles show up for you today.

Here's the video. You can totally laugh at it, I do. Did it a couple of years ago. I'll redo it when I have time...which is probably never...progress not perfection... =)

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