Your birthday and face is a roadmap of your life purpose, themes, and challenges

April 19, 2017

This is Isabella, my 5 day old baby. Kid faces change so much, and so can yours. Your face is the most present state of your experiences and how you experience things. Before 25, it's the face your parents give you, after 25 is the one you choose.

I can't stop looking at her and wonder which path she will choose. With the Nine Star Ki system, her birthday puts her in a set of numbers that makes her sensitive to people and environments; she will feel things on a deeper level than most because her Chinese elements are water, metal and fire. If she learns this, she will come back to balance sooner.

When you are born, you sign a contract to do a certain work, in your own way. There are life themes for you to learn from to come into your power. There are challenges and people to help you. You have a preset program where you naturally go to under stress and how you are suppose to do your work. With awareness, you can create a life that is more authentic for you. A face reading can unlock your potential power and help you understand your features, be on purpose, improve your relationships, come with more compassion for yourself and others.Isabella was suppose to be a totally different set of numbers, but she chose this one because she is 2 months early. She's already such a fighter with determination, purpose, and joy. She's already making all these smirk faces. 😏

This little girl may be wiser than I am and I have so much to learn from her.

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