Infinity Dress


You can wear the Infinity Dress over 50+ ways, it the perfect sexy dress you will ever need to own. This multi wear convertible dress is perfect for just about anyone, including expecting mothers. With a lot of fun and imagination you can create a different style dress for every day of the week and then some. Fabric: A touch of shimmer and truly silky to touch. 94% polyester and 6% spandex-venezia making it the perfect dress for a much classier and forgiving look. Great for traveling! Size: One Size Fits "Most" The top of this Dress will stretch up to 39" in circumference. Most styles can be achieved by placing the dress between your waist or at your empire waist. You can also create super cute mini dresses by pulling the dress above your chest. Length: 25" for the medium length and 34" long. Bottom of dress is made with an unfinished raw edge. Straps: the length of the straps are 89" - 90". The width of the straps are about 9 1/2" -10" wide. Straps are made with a unfinished raw edge and you can cut them if you need to.


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