For All Spiritual Ninjas and Gypsies ~ Welcome hOMe!

Hiya Friend!

I am here to tell you that I am the poster child for what I call the Universe’s Cosmic Slapdown. Perhaps you can relate? Just when you think you have your thoughts together and life sorted out, the Universe gives you an unexpected twist in order to revisit this reality. Embrace it willingly or go kicking and screaming if you doth protest. The Universe wants you to dive down into the depths of your soul and get naked with your truths. It is in these naked truths that you will find, there is no such thing as “perfect.” Things change and your reality is not quite as you had perceived it to be. The Universe has quite the sense of humor, eh?

My name is Thuy Dam, pronounced "twee." Welcome to my cyber world and I hope it becomes HOME for you. 

I thought I finally had MOST of it figured out in my mid 30s. I moved to Denver when I was 31 to start over and have my "EAT, PRAY, LOVE" adventure. I re-invented my business, So You Boutique, had a great roommate, my health was stable, it wasn't such a struggle...So You Boutique is a tanning salon with a touch of zen in Denver CO.

All of a sudden, the voices started. I've always had them, in different forms and sometimes more than others. In a meditation, they told me it was time for me to do this couch surfing adventure. They told me it would be for 100 days and I'd be surprised at the miracles that would show up. I didn't even know what couch surfing was!

I thought I was going crazy and let it sit for 2 weeks. The voices didn't go away and things started to unravel. They asked me "What magic showed up when you listened to us and how hard was it when you didn't? You can do what most others do, but they cannot do what you can do."

With that, I put my things in my shop and somehow every week I was in a different home. I landed in some of the most wonderful homes in Denver, wasn't ever really on a couch. Sometimes I got paid to house-sit or watch pets. Sometimes they were there and sometimes not. They always offered me to stay longer if I wanted to. I never knew what my week was going to be like, making me present to that experience.

When I came into a home, I could feel certain energies. I would do little rituals to make myself feel at home.  I swept the front door daily to let in the chi and found a mediation spot with the most shakti. I did these things intuitively without question or thought.

It's been about 2 years now and during this time I had some bad flares with my ulcerative colitis. Each time, stripping me of everything, only to be reborn with some other intuitive gifts as part of the healing. My empath skills got stronger. I found Chinese Medicine: qigoing, face reading, energy and space clearings. 

All the things I've done through the years are parts of this puzzle that is coming together. This new work is the fastest road to compassion and healing for myself and so many that I have shared it with.

Did you know that your face and birthdate reveal what you were meant to do in this lifetime? It reveals your super powers. It gives you the tools to fight the pressures of society. You just got lost along the way. 

This is your tribe. This is for all gypsies and spiritual ninjas to come HOME: physically, mentally, and spiritually. It's the tools for you to kill it with kindness. 

This is about living in the LIGHT with glimpses of the dark instead of living in the dark with glimpses of the light. It’s quirky, playful, sexy, beautiful, real, magical, miraculous, loving, supportive, soulful and full of grace…SO YOU and so me. It's my cyber extension of So You Boutique.  It’s about the subtle shifts that create ripple effects to expand and transform your world, and The World. It is a happiness container for me to share my stories, client’s stories, and your stories. 

The longest journey is the journey HOME. By sharing our stories, we can help each other to COME HOME. Namaste! 



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