You don't live in a world, the world lives in YOU

Events at the Ascension Station

The Ascension Station is a sacred space for you to come hOMe to for your soul shifts. We will be offering mindful learning events for your spirit to awakening and explore. 


Group Gatherings for Awareness, Learning, and FUN!

Spirit Fairs

Have you ever gone to a metaphysical fair? It can be fun but overwhelming. Our spirit fairs allow you to experience different modalities in a cozy environment so you can find love, peace, and joy. It is our intention to connect you to your soul's answers for shifts, clearings, upgrades, downloads, or perspective at this time. The fairs will have different readers and energy workers available for 20-60 minute. We have 2-3 at each fair and could be tarot, astrology, chakra balance, Chinese face reading, reiki...

A shift in energy is always followed by a shift in reality. Book in advance to secure your spot or risk it with whoever is available. No matter what you experience, its really never a coincidence. Cost varies depending on reader/healer. Most are $25 for 20 minutes, cash preferred please.



Face It Friday with Thuy Dam


Raise Your Vibration with Thuy Dam



Meditation Gatherings

Bring a pillow and your journal! Kids under 12 are welcomed and free

Harmony Circle

Group meditations are stronger because the energy is contagious, pure, and healing. When our intentions combine we co-create together and raise our vibration. We find our tribe and bring harmony to our lives. The energy of the group determines the meditation. We do several rituals, such as planting the seeds of intentions, the rice paper release, reset your with the vibration to the frequency of love. It's a combination of meditation techniques and energy balancing. $15 per person


Chant N Chill with Lisa Theis

Mantra, or chanting, is one of the most powerful ways to access a deeper state of being. Through the vibrations of mantra, channels of awareness open and you are able to experience yourself on a higher plane of existence. You will prepare the mind with a form of pranayama and then learn a mantra. After repeating the mantra 54-108 times you will then allow yourself to rest in the vibrations of the mantra to reach a state of meditation. $15 per person


Manifesting with Meditation and Henna 

Henna tattoos are not just body art, it can also be a visual meditation. Henna grounds your intention to increase your energy for joy, beauty, spiritual awakening, prosperity, and chase away evil. We will lead you through a meditation to manifest your hearts desire and you will pick a henna tattoo to be painted on you. $25 per person

Shamanic Journey Meditation 

Raise your vibration with drumming and clear the way with sound meditation. $15 per person