Chyrsocolla Mala with Green/Gold Agate Focal Bead and Heart

So You Boutique

This mala is made from Chrysocalla beads with a beautiful Green/Gold Agate focal bead and heart in the back. This Mala is 21" to the end of the tassel and is hand knotted and made with love and joy!

Chyrsocolla is known as a Stone of Communication. It is said to discharge negative energies, calms and brings forth truth and inner wisdom. It is known for its ability to enhance expression, empowerment and teaching. 

So You Boutique is proud to carry Mother Mala Jewelry because of its unique and gorgeous design. Each mala is handmade from Mindy Kittay with loving care and intended for peace and healing. You can check out Mother Mala Jewelry at or have Mindy design one for your special needs. 

 You can layer your malas, use them with meditations, and wear them as a necklace or bracelet. 

Here's a mantra and mala meditation for you to get started or add on your meditation journey. Namaste

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